International Education and Artistic Navigation

Donghai Elementary School  - Xitun District, Taichung City


Donghai Elementary School (DHES) is a newly established public elementary school in Taichung City located at the business district of Arts Street where artistic atmosphere can be felt.  Tunghai Arts Street and Li-Xiang-Guo Residential Area are two local landmarks of the school district.  

DHES Curriculum includes materials, such as the Dadu Mountain’s sunlight and greenery, local art and culture and community exchange. Through these, students have more opportunity to explore their natural environment.  The main direction or focus will be on “International Education” and “Arts Education” thus, making the school another distinctive elementary school in Taichung City.

To realize its goals, DHES offers the following:    

(A) International quality of education through advanced language skills

Children of the future should have international quality in order to integrate with the world. So, it is important to help the youngsters learn foreign languages starting from elementary school. From there, different aspects, such as creating a teaching environment which has subtle influence, employing and exchanging foreign teachers and testing students’ language capability, and establishing a platform which provide the opportunity to constantly communicate with the international multi-cultural community.

(B) Local cultural identity rooted in art education

Integrating art activities of the community and activating art quality  environment in the campus will give students multiple aspects of suitability for development which creates all kinds of aspects, such as art, music and dance, thus making the students have the advantages in the future development.

(C) Global responsibility in pursuing sustainable development

Every person on earth should have a “sense of global responsibility.” Implementation of environmental education and promotion of ecological education by teaching our children to be “kind to our planet” from an early age will cultivate positive attitude towards people and animals in the environment which are the indispensable goals in the pursuit of sustainable education development at Donghai Elementary School.

(D) Global competent ability by strengthening information skills

Believing that there is a strong emphasis on the “global competent ability” in the future society, integrating global community with language skills, appropriate information ability and proper use of tools can help children grasp the initiative based on problem-solving using information technology. DHES will continue to build its own hardware and start with software application to ensure children will have such global competency integrated with information technology.

▲ Location and Schematic Map of Donghai Elementary School    (Xitun District, Taichung City)


▲ DHES is full of cultural street atmosphere and alley aesthetics along Arts Street.



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